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Join us for a fun and free self-guided tour of local art venues in Sequim on the First Friday of every month from 5 – 8 p.m.

Our mission is to create approachable and accessible art venues and cultural activities that encourage the community to connect and celebrate expression and diversity.
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This encouraging and educational arts event is sponsored and produced by unique as you / Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond.
First Friday Art Walk Sequim

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To create inclusion during the art walk, every month has a color theme.
If you enjoy the Art Walk, please help support the efforts to enhance this community event. Donations go to the business of unique as you / Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond and are used for marketing this monthly event that supports the Arts, nonprofits, students, businesses, and artists. Thank you for your support!

Be part of art in Sequim every First Friday of the month from 5 – 8 p.m.

The Map for the self-guided tour is available at participating arts venues or download your own map here.

November 7 Art Walk Color Theme is BROWN! Brown is the color of fall harvest, the turning of the leaves, spicy treats, and leftover chocolate from Halloween. The solid color of brown represents steadfast friendships, family trees and bonds, deep roots and supportive branches, and comforting homesteads. You will find works of art and folks supporting the option to dress in shades of bountiful brown or representations of hearth and harvest as they enjoy an evening on the town with friends and family.


First Friday Art Walk Sequim PSA by Brandon Taft and Noah L.T., two of Renne's Peninsula College Digital Video students.

New Location for the Art Walk! Music performance by Brother Townsend at Adagio Bean & Leaf at 981 E Washington St. and exhibition of fine art photography and greeting cards of Jan Kepley.

Colors of Sequim Fine Art Materials at 139 W. Washington St. is exhibiting the art of Priscilla Patterson, Victor Reventlow playing music, and the Boys and Girls Club Art is on display. Enjoy Priscilla’s award winning oil and watercolor paintings of still life, landscapes and transportation subjects.

Blue Whole Gallery at 129 W Washington St. features “As if a tapestry of nature” with mixed media artist Karin Anderson and fiber artist Jan Tatom. They will showcase fine art rich in colors, textures, and forms inspired by nature as if a tapestry of nature.  Karin and Jan create what they see and imagine, taking viewers to the world of fine art filled with joy.

Check out the new location of Sequim Spice and Tea at 121 W Washington St. and try a sample of their unique teas and salts.

R&T Crystals and Beads showcases fine jewelry demonstrations from Paulette Hill and Gail McLain at 158 E Bell St. 

That Takes the Cake inspires sweetness with colorful cupcakes that are art at 171 W Washington St.
Pacific Pantry is exhibiting fine art photography and greeting cards of Jan Kepley at 229 S Sequim Ave.

Gallery on the Walls showcases Sally Cays and Patricia Taynton at 128 E Washington St. inside the Sequim Vision Center

Kyra and Steven Humphrey will be providing piano ambiance, chanson, and jazz at Hart's Fine Books at 161 W Washington.

LARC Gallery at 425 E Washington St., just east of Pioneer Park, features many local artists and features their juried 4-D Show.

Always delight in live music and fresh art with award winning artfully crafted wines with appetizing tidbits at Wind Rose Cellars at 143 W Washington St.

Olympic Theatre Arts at 414 N Sequim Ave. will have storytelling and the play “Harvey”.

Nov 2012 - Art Walk Color Theme of BROWN!


Engage with local fiber artists demonstrating their talents at the fiber arts exhibit “Parallel Patterns – Significant Schemes, Seams & Symbols” at the Museum & Arts Center in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley (MAC) located at 175 W. Cedar St. This juried exhibition reveals meaningful themes, designs, and relationships through fiber, fabric, and fashions with creative consideration that reflects and sometimes repeats imaginative motives, motifs, lines, and serendipity. Artists from both West and East Coasts, the Southwest, the Midwest, and Canada are in the exhibition including Claire Murray Adams, Shirley Anderson, Joyce Alford, Judy Anderson, Deborah Babin, Lynn Baritelle, Renee Bova, Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond, Bonnie Bucknam, Betty Busby, Mary Ann Clayton, Marca Davies, Lauralee DeLuca, Lindy Feigenbutz, Marijane Figg, Susanne Foster, MarySue French, Christiane Gass-Johnson, Pamela Hastings, Kathy Hogan, Beatrice Idris, Jess Jones, Georgia Kennedy, Robin Leja, Mary Liebsch, Susan McClelland, Dorothy McGuiness, Donna McMillen, Mikie Morris, Geri Mylchreest, Sherry Nagel, Sue Nylander, Betty Oppenheimer, Barbara O’Steen, Judith Roderick, Diane Ross, Sandra Rude, Peggy St. George, Sandy Schlecter, Gloria Skovronsky, Joy Stockdale, Stephanie Swensson, Deborah Taylor, Joanne Thoma, Marla Varner, Miggles Wallace, Marian Wilson, and the Fiber Arts Bombardiers.

Enjoy these expressive Sequim venues during the First Friday Art Walk including Alder Wood Bistro at 139 W Alder St., The Red Rooster Grocery at 134 1/2 W Washington St., Nourish at 1345 S Sequim Ave. South of HY101, Olympic Theater Arts at 414 N Sequim Ave., Heather Creek at 122 W Washington St., Hart's Fine Books at 161 W Washington St., Dungeness Kids Co. at 990 E Washington St., Galare Thai at 120 W Bell, Rainshadow Roasting Company at 157 West Cedar St., Solar City's Tesa Boutique & Tanning Retreat at 135 W Washington St., and Fieldnotes at 123 E Washington St.
Show your true colors! Enjoy our different color theme each month!

To create inclusion between venues, artists, and audience, everyone is encouraged to participate in the Art Walk’s monthly themes as a fun community activity in any creative form they wish to express it. January is silver, February is red, March is green, April is pink, May is aqua, June is white, July is purple, August is yellow, September is blue, October is orange, November is brown, and December is gold.

Want to participate as a venue or artist on the Official First Friday Art Walk Sequim Map, Listing, and Website, please contact Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond at 360.460.3023 or renne@uniqueasyou.com If you are an artist of any media, please get your information to Renne for publicity and opportunities. Thank you!

Call for Artists to actively participate in 2015! Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond, producer of the First Friday Art Walk, helps match artists and performers with art walk venues to facilitate cultural and financial vitality. If you are interested in being included to the Directory of Artists listed on the art walk website who would want opportunities to exhibit and sell their work or perform at the art walk venues, please contact Renne at renne@uniqueasyou.com

Maps for the self-guided tour are available at participating art venues or download your PDF map here.

Join the fun and share your photos on the First Friday Art Walk Sequim Facebook Page as a sneak preview as to what is to come that festive evening or adventures you had that night!

Past First Friday Art Walk Sequim Events

January 2012 - Art Walk Color Theme was SILVER!
March 2012 - Art Walk Color Theme was GREEN!

May 2012 - Art Walk Color Theme was AQUA!

July 2012 - Art Walk Color Theme was PURPLE!

Fun videos from the First Friday Art Walk Sequim on videOly at http://www.videoly.tv/
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2nd Annual "Whodunnit Downtown?" in 2014
In January, did you guess "Whodunnit Downtown?" It was Cecil C. Seville, the movie director! Our Getaway Weekend winner was Bonnie Booth! She was the first game card drawn and she had the right suspect circled! Thank you all for playing during the First Friday Art Walk Sequim! Thank you to our suspects and volunteers! Thank you to the local businesses who donated items to the prize and venues hosting clues!
Our next game is coming in January 2015!
Past First Friday Art Walk Sequim Events
February 2012 - Art Walk Color Theme was RED!

April 2012 - Art Walk Color Theme was PINK!

June 2012 - Art Walk Color Theme was WHITE!

August 2012 - Art Walk Color Theme was YELLOW!
Join the fun and share your photos on the First Friday Art Walk Sequim Facebook Page as a sneak preview as to what is to come that festive evening or adventures you had that night!
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2nd Annual BirdFest BirdQuest in 2014
Thank you all for playing! Congrats to Erika Lambert of Sequim who won our 2nd Annual BirdFest BirdQuest! Huge thanks goes out to Diane Fatzinger for working so much on this successful community event showing off student art and local businesses while supporting the 11th Annual Olympic BirdFest, Sequim-Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce, Sequim Merchants group, and the First Friday Art Walk Sequim! Thank you! Thank you!
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